SpeedUpMyPC Review

Download SpeedUpMyPC FreeREVIEW SUMMARY: After a time, it is normal for computers to slow down and perform considerably worse compared to how they did when they were new. Whether it is slow boot times, laggy application launches or a wide variety of other performance- or efficiency-related issues which are starting to irritate you, a PC optimization tool may just be exactly what you need to give a new lease of life to your computer. SpeedUpMyPC is the latest PC tune-up toolkit from Uniblue, a company which publishes various performance-improving tools for Windows. SpeedUpMyPC will automatically scan your computer and provide a wide range of tweaks and changes to improve the overall operating environment. It promises to decrease the time it takes to boot up Windows and reach a workable desktop, gets rid of invalid registry entries which can cause performance and reliability issues on your computer, removes or disables unused programs and processes and much more. You can also run a free scan of your computer to find out what the program can do for you before you decide to purchase it.


  • Extremely easy to use thanks to a familiar and intuitive interface.
  • Can run in the background to keep various aspects of your computer's performance in check in real-time.
  • All custom tweaks can be reverted with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Improves your computer's startup speed.


  • Background tasks tend to be more resource-intensive than they should.
  • Some of the descriptions of the tweaking options do not provide quite enough information

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Review Details

Overview: There is no shortage of PC optimization tools out there so it's no surprise if you are having some trouble finding the perfect solution. SpeedUpMyPC will help to get your computer back up and running to its full potential, as though it were straight off the shop shelves once again. Over time, your computer will inevitably slow down due to unused programs and services hogging system resources and much more. Other problems may include invalid system registry entries, leftovers from uninstalled programs, outdated drivers and much more. These many factors can all contribute to a loss in system performance, reliability and efficiency. If you are not in the habit of maintaining your computer on a regular basis, SpeedUpMyPC will deal with many of the problems for you. It will thoroughly scan your computer before advising you on the various changes that it can make to improve performance. You will also have the chance to carry out various additional custom tweaks and changes yourself – all of which can be undone if anything goes wrong.

User Interface: When you first start the program, you may find the user interface a little confusing at first, particularly if you have not used PC optimization tools before. Fortunately, it is quite easy to navigate and it should not take much time to learn your way around the many useful features that SpeedUpMyPC provides.

System Optimization Scan: Initially, the software will perform a scan of your computer and then provide you with the current status of your PC. It will also display and explain the various issues discovered by the scan, allowing you to use the program's wide range of optimization tools and tweaks to deal with them. On the application's home screen, you will also find the Registry Booster and Drive Scanner. These are two other tools available for an extra cost with this PC tune-up suite to help improve the performance of your computer's registry and hard drive respectively.

System Optimization Tools: Once you have scanned your computer with SpeedUpMyPC, you will be able to carry out various optimizations to Aero visual effects (which can be quite resource-intensive), file searching and navigation and various other areas of your computer's performance. Your computer's current overall performance will be assessed beforehand and you will be presented with a performance analysis rated from minor to critical.

System Tweaks: Power users as well as anyone else who is serious about boosting their PC's performance will spend much of their time using the system tweaks section of the program. This section provides various additional tweaks, many of which cannot easily be carried out manually without the aid of a third-party program such as this. Included are tweaks which can help to improve Internet connection speeds, manage system resources more effectively, speed up the Start menu and improve startup and shutdown times. Some more advanced settings allow you to increase the size of the system cache, virtual memory paging file, enable boot sector defragmentation and change various advanced visual effects found in more recent editions of Windows.

From this interface, you can also choose which process and programs to automatically disable at startup. Since many programs configure themselves by default to start at logon when you first install them, you can eventually end up with far too many startup programs. This can make a huge impact on the time it takes to reach a working desktop environment. Fortunately, SpeedUpMyPC provides a simple way to disable the processes and programs you don't need thus greatly improving startup performance.

The "Manage" section of SpeedUpMyPC is the third part of the program, providing a range of tools to optimize specific functions of your computer. However, these optimizations require that the program be kept running in the background. Features include a Start menu accelerator, CPU optimizer and program launch optimizer. However, having the application constantly running in the background will use system resources and some may find it counter-productive.

Tech Support and Product Updates: Uniblue provides an online support knowledgebase and occasional updates for its software.


SpeedUpMyPC is a good choice for beginners and casual users since it does improve the performance of your computer. While it does not provide some of the additional features that other PC optimization tools offer, it is available at a considerably lower price tag than many. Those who take time and care to maintain their computers on a regular basis may not find SpeedUpMyPC to be a particularly useful tool, however. The average computer user, on the other hand, will find this tool to provide most, if not everything, they need from a PC tune-up tool.

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