PC Optimzer Pro Review

Download PC Optimizer Pro HereREVIEW SUMMARY: If you are concerned about common PC problems such as a slow startup, slow Internet connection or online privacy, then PC Optimizer Pro presents a range of tools which claim to be able to fix many of these issues. There are numerous things which can hurt your computer's performance and it is extremely common for performance and reliability to decrease over time as more programs are installed, settings are changed and drivers become outdated. Over time, the system registry will get cluttered with invalid entries left over by failed program uninstallations, the Web browser cache gets filled up with junk files and cookies, disk space starts to dwindle due to an excess in data which is no longer required, too many programs and processes start up automatically at logon and much more. These factors, among others, all contribute to a poorly-performing and less reliable computer. It is due to these problems, experienced by all computer users, that PC optimization software has long been so popular. PC Optimizer Pro manages various aspects of your computer's performance to improve startup times, repair common problems, carry out various tweaks and clean your computer of unused and junk files.


  • Pleasant and easily-navigable interface.
  • Very easy to use for the average computer user.
  • Provides a wide range of custom tweaks and changes to hidden system settings and features that cannot be easily dealt with manually


  • Provides numerous features which are not particularly useful to the average user

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Review Details

User Friendliness: PC Optimizer Pro provides a useful range of five utilities to help optimize various important aspects of Windows. While it is not an all-round PC optimization tool, it does provide the tools that most users need to improve the performance in some of the most significant areas. This affordable software is available in many different languages and the user-friendly interface is easily navigable and intuitive, making it ideal for amateurs and casual computer users.

PC Optimization Tools: The program includes a Universal Fixer for carrying out various tweaks and optimizations to improve the speed and reliability of your computer. The hybrid optimization feature will clear your system registry of invalid entries and fix various other registry-related problems, some of which can negatively impact your computer's stability and performance.

Startup Manager: Its Intelligent Startup Manager will improve boot times by giving you the option to easily disable unwanted startup programs and services. PC Optimizer Pro even includes a file shredder for permanently and securely deleting sensitive files so that they can never be recovered by third-party software in the event that you choose to donate or sell your computer.

Junk File Cleaner: There is the Internet Junk Cleaner which will speed up your browser and reclaim disk space by clearing your cache, cookies and properly deleting any other temporary files.

System Optimization Scan: As is the case with many PC optimization tools, PC Optimizer Pro will automatically run a system scan when you first start it. This will scan your computer for numerous different types of problems before presenting you with detailed results accompanied by user-friendly explanations and options for resolving the various issues. Scans take a matter of minutes on most computers. Once the scan is complete, you can use the optimization tools to start getting your PC back up and running to its fullest potential.

Program Un-installer: One of the most common impacts on a computer's performance, particularly with regards to the time it takes your computer to start up and reach the desktop, is startup programs. Many programs configure themselves by default to start up automatically as soon as you log in to Windows. With many programs installed and little attention paid to maintaining and optimizing your computer over the years, you will likely have many unnecessary startup processes and programs. PC Optimizer Pro will ensure that unused programs are properly uninstalled (after asking for your permission, of course) and you will have the option to manage the list of start-up programs. You can also do this using the msconfig utility included in Windows, though it is convenient to have everything in one application and PC Optimizer Pro provides much more user-friendly methods of dealing with such matters.

System Information Utility: PC Optimizer Pro also provides a comprehensive system information utility to let you know everything about your current hardware, software and driver configuration. This can help you with troubleshooting other problems on your computer or to expose outdated drivers and software. It is also useful for a number of other reasons to have this detailed information about your computer at your fingertips.

Registry Cleaner: One of the primary focuses of PC Optimizer Pro is the system registry, a key component in your computer's operating system. The registry is accessed by almost all programs and services on your computer since it contains everything from software licensing information to program settings and installation details. Because it is such an essential core component of your computer, keeping it clean from invalid entries is important for the sake of reliability and performance. Whenever it makes modifications to the system registry, PC Optimizer Pro will always create a backup which you can revert to at any time in the event of something going wrong.

Money Back Guarantee: PC Optimizer Pro is available with a 60-day money back guarantee and you can use the software in English, Spanish, German, Italian or French. Technical support is available by way of a FAQ, knowledgebase and 24-hour online chat.


PC Optimizer Pro offers a specific functionality and it does what it sets out to do quite well. However, there is also more to PC optimization than registry tweaking and browser optimization. It does carry out a range of tweaks to your computer and it should considerably improve performance overall. If you are looking for a more powerful, full-featured solution, then you may want to consider something else. On the other hand, for casual computer users and those who primarily use their PCs for browsing the Internet, this is an affordable and perfectly competent solution. The fact that you can also undo any changes made to the registry also provides a good fall-back position in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. The provision of a file shredder is also welcome for anyone who is concerned about data privacy or planning to pass on their computer. Many PC optimization tools do not provide such a feature.

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